1. All articles should make sense.
  2. All articles must have good grammar (Later on reading this, the guidelines go into more depth about this).
  3. No gibberish.
  4. No articles that are not related to Peppermint Park.
  5. No fan-fiction allowed.
  6. No articles that harass others.


Grammar is a frequent mistake in most wikis. You will not be punished for bad grammar on articles, instead an admin will give you a reminder. Here's and example of good grammar: (The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog 9,000 times!) Here's a bad example: (teh quicke browne foxie from fnaf jemped ovar teh lazzy doggie nintynin times!) Here's a bad example that's frequent: (The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over the Lazy Dog  9,000 Times!) Remember, You Do Not Type Like This.