The Letter M song was introduced in Peppermint Park Volume 3: Music Land. The song is considered to be the most famous out of any Peppermint Park song. The song is about Ernie singing about the marvels about the letter M.


It's Marvelous, magnificent, I can't imagine life without the letter M!

Impossible, improbable!

How could you get along without the letter M?

Puppet 1

How could you order M&M's without the letter M?

What would you say, what would you do, what would you call them?

There'd be no words like Mississippi, maybe mommy, monkey too!

How could a cow go moo without a small M?

No mayonnaise, no medicine!

There'd be no mumps, measles, monsters, none of them!

Magnanimous, malicious!

The one important letter in momentum!

The letter M!

(Entire song repeats)


"Peppermint Park" - The Letter M (Worst Puppet Ever)

"Peppermint Park" - The Letter M (Worst Puppet Ever)