• Little Bit Explains the Number 4
  • This is the letter "B"
  • Song about a Polar Bear
  • Magic Show with Ray Pierce
  • The Color Red (Segment)
  • The Color Red (Song)
  • Piggle Explains How a Stoplight Works
  • A Scarecrow Dances
  • One of These Things is not Like the Other (Letter "A")
  • Song About a Duck
  • The Story Lady: King Johnathan's New Robe
  • A Marionette Clown Does Tricks with a Tightrope
  • This is the letter "I"
  • A Look at Ice Skating
  • The Number "10"
  • 2 Kids Explain Bubbles


  • This is the only episode where Piggle's voice is medium pitched.
  • The bubbles segment was made infamous by a Youtube user named Pyrocynical, and later appeared in several YTPs about P.P by a youtuber named Sebastian Cyr, a noticeable one is YTP: Mayonnaise PSA.
  • Despite Trevor appearing on the cover with 2 Unused Puppets, they do not appear.
Peppermint Park Volume 1 Magic Moments (FULL)

Peppermint Park Volume 1 Magic Moments (FULL)