I'm a Pumpkin was a song introduced in a possible deleted scene. The song features a singing pumpkin who wants to be a Jack-O-Lantern on Halloween.



I'm a pumpkin, ain't I somethin'?

I'm a bit of a country bumpkin.

I'm a pumpkin and I can't win.

Cause I'm here on Halloween night.

In the city (in the city), it's so pretty. (it's so pretty)

And if you ask me it's a pity.

In the country (in the country), it's so gloomy (it's so gloomy)

But I'm here on Halloween night.

A jack-O-lantern is what I want to be.

Sittin in a window so you can look at me.

Carved with a face to scare the kids away.

Instead I'll probably be a pie someday.

I'm a pumpkin (I'm a pumpkin) I'm a has been (I'm a has been)

Here I am cause I wasn't chosen.

I'm a pumpkin ( I'm pumpkin) And I can't win (And I can't win)

Cause I'm here on Halloween night.

But with my friends, I'll be all right!


I'm a Pumpkin

I'm a Pumpkin