• Snorkee and Knurkel Discuss Feelings
  • This is the Letter "S"
  • "The Letter S Song"
  • Piggle and Sparky Talk about Fire Alarms
  • A Story/Song about a Car
  • The Story Lady: Hug a Tree
  • Count to 10
  • Boat Showcase
  • "The Letter O Song"
  • Magic Megan: Color Changing Balloons
  • Count to 7
  • Professor Goodstuff Shows how to Make a Musical Instrument
  • Dancing Cat
  • Piggle and Sophie Argue about Birthday Candles
  • Carmen Banana Dances


  • This volume is noted to be the hardest of the Peppermint Park volumes to come by so far, and was thought to be unreleased for a long time, until it was discovered by a YouTuber named Pumpkin Maryam.
  • This is probably the last Peppermint Park episode to date.
  • Originally, "The Letter O" song was going to be sung by an orange chimp, but was replaced with a human puppet for unknown reasons. The puppet is, a new version of Wiley.
  • There was 2 versions of "The Yellow Song" one where various characters dance with Carmen, and one where it's just Carmen Banana. The dance party version was cut for unknown reasons.
  • John Horton's daughter Alyssa, is mentioned in one sketch.
Peppermint Park Volume 6 Discover Feelings (FULL)

Peppermint Park Volume 6 Discover Feelings (FULL)


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