Dave Chapman is a puppeteer that did the puppetry for several skits. He used to work on Peppermint Park, creating some puppets & performing some of them. After Peppermint Park ended production, Dave went on to create new content such as Beat City Kids. To this day, he is most likely still in business, possibly being busy on his Beat City Kids reboot.

Segments Created

Volume 4

  • The Letter T
  • The Color Green

Volume 5

  • The Letter A
  • Dancing Dog
  • The Letter P

Volume 6

  • The Letter S
  • Dancing Cat
  • Carmen Banana

Deleted Scenes

  • I'm A Pumpkin
  • The Colorful Witch
  • The Green Ghosts (Unconfirmed)
  • The Letter O


  • He could still own some of the puppets he created for Peppermint Park, since some of them were re-used for most of his productions.