• ItsTheLazytown

    Hey guys! As you may have noticed, this wiki has been inactive for a few months now. There are many reasons why this wiki is inactive. 1. There's not alot to cover left in this wiki, because Peppermint Park's a franchise that only lasted for 6 25 minute episodes and because of that, there's barely a need for new pages. 2. I've been really busy the past few months with real life stuff. Because of that, I have neglected the wiki. 3. I plan to make another wiki on this website, however it will have nothing to do with Peppermint Park. I will reveal more details about my project in the coming months. And finally, pretty much all our admins don't care about this wiki at all, or inactive (no offense). I will NOT be shutting down this wiki, but in…

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  • ItsTheLazytown

    Hey, ItsTheLazytown here with an important update, as you have noticed, the wiki now has a new background, and logo to replace the generic ones that have been sitting there for a year. Another step to revamp this wiki and keep it alive is for me to delete all Youtuber pages, unless if the certain Youtuber has been involved in Peppermint Park's production. Look out for a page listing all of the people who worked on Peppermint Park! I have also made a new set of badges, for the Puppets category, since that category is super popular among visitors. That's my update for this month, any questions are welcome.

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  • Scdude

    I am announcing a documentary about Peppermint Park entitled Peppermint Park: The Story. Send me your thoughts in an unlisted video to and you'll be in it!!! ;)

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  • ItsTheLazytown

    Article Rules

    April 5, 2017 by ItsTheLazytown
    1. All articles should make sense.
    2. All articles must have good grammar (Later on reading this, the guidelines go into more depth about this).
    3. No gibberish.
    4. No articles that are not related to Peppermint Park.
    5. No fan-fiction allowed.
    6. No articles that harass others.

    Grammar is a frequent mistake in most wikis. You will not be punished for bad grammar on articles, instead an admin will give you a reminder. Here's and example of good grammar: (The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog 9,000 times!) Here's a bad example: (teh quicke browne foxie from fnaf jemped ovar teh lazzy doggie nintynin times!) Here's a bad example that's frequent: (The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over the Lazy Dog  9,000 Times!) Remember, You Do Not Type Like This.

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  • ItsTheLazytown

    These requirements will be affective after the first 10 people join.

    • Look at that One!
    • Sing the Song Along with me This Time
    • Oh, you Beautiful O
    • Hey Boys and Girls
    • You've got Tightrope Tricks!
    • Everybody Dance Now!
    • Today's Story is About Someone Who Got This Award
    • Proffessor Goodstuff's Honorary User
    • The Start of the Puzzle!
    • You're Getting There...
    • It's a Cat!
    • I'm a Pumpkin!
    • What do I know about a Rhino?
    • Make the Whole World Green
    • Cool as the Ocean, Cool as the Breeze
    • You see here
    • That Stoplight was very Important...
    • Good for You!
    • You got Accepted to Play in Stump the Star!
    • You're on a Roll!
    • You won Stump the Star!
    • You Sang for Peppermint Park!
    • 3's Such a Greaaattttttt Number
    • 10's Even Greater!
    • One Fine Contributer
    • Welcome to Peppermint Park!
    • Official Peppermint Park…

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  • ItsTheLazytown

    Image Rules

    March 7, 2017 by ItsTheLazytown
    1. No pornography is allowed. If you do so, you will be peramently be banned from editing.
    2. No fanon images are allowed.
    3. All images must relate to Peppermint Park. The only exception would go to user pages.
    4. All pictures must be in good quality.
    5. File names of images should be like: Piggle.jpg  Not: erit9j354.jpg

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  • ItsTheLazytown

    General Rules

    March 7, 2017 by ItsTheLazytown
    1. No bullying
    2. No flame wars
    3. You must be 13 years or over to contribute due to Wikia guidelines
    4. If you're gonna make something on the wiki not related to Peppermint Park, don't do it
    5. Everything should make sense on this wiki
    6. Have fun :)

    Image Rules:

    Article Rules:

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